Solipsist Days

“Please, John, don’t take your eyes off me,” she said, laying her hands gently on his cheeks.

He laughed lightly as a smile spread across his face, his brilliant teeth shining in the afternoon light.

“Karen, that’s silly. Stop being so dramatic,” he said as he covered her hands with his.

She frowned, dropping her hands to her sides as she turned her back to him. The argument was an old one – one he couldn’t believe. How could he? It was absurd.

“I’m tired of ceasing to exist when you leave the room, John. We exist only in your presence.”

“Karen, please. Not again. I can’t believe that you just…disappear whenever I’m not here. How about when I call you on the phone? You answer.”

“I only come into being the moment you press ‘send’,” she argued for the hundredth time.

John pursed his lips in frustration. He jammed his hands into his pockets, turned, and walked out of the room. The moment he rounded the corner, Karen ceased to exist. After all, John was the last human being in the universe.


This is one of the first Ficly posts that has spurred a full short story arc.  I am working on a 2500 word short story that I plan on submitting to Daily Science Fiction in the next week or two.  I’ll post a link here once it is either accepted (and posted there), or rejected (and I’ll post it here).


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