A.S. King has a fun contest going on her blog in advance of the release of her next book, REALITY BOY.

From her site:


Want to win an ARC of REALITY BOY? All you have to do is follow 3 little rules, and you’re in. Go crazy. You have two whole weeks.


  1. Your story MUST start with this sentence: Janet was early. **
  2. Your story MUST end with this sentence: Of course, she didn’t.
  3. Your story must be 100 words or less.

DEADLINE: Sunday August 18th at 11:59PM EST
PRIZE: A signed Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of REALITY BOY.
Please leave your entry in the comment area of this blog and don’t forget your email address! 

Winner chosen by three anonymous judges, a cosmic spider and a magic 8 ball and will be announced a few days after that deadline.

There are bonus points for sharing this contest. Let me know how you shared it after your entry. (bw: I need all the help I can get!)


So, I threw together an entry.  I seem to be writing some more morbid stuff lately (I’ll post a few stories here soon), so it ends up being a bit dark.

Janet was early.

She hadn’t really wanted to shiv the catty bitch, but Cece had the rotten luck of being late. She caught Cece at the throat of the alley, driving the makeshift blade neatly between the third and fourth ribs, directly into her black heart.

“Ung!” Cece gasped as the blade parted the gristle between her ribs. She toppled over backward, dead, the weight of her punctured body twisted and popped her left knee like a piece of rotten wood. It was painless, quick.

Janet wondered if she should feel bad about the whole thing.

Of course, she didn’t.

100 words on the nose (according to Google Docs), so hopefully it’ll meet the minimum requirements for consideration.

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