A 505 Tweak

I read last weeks piece in my writing group yesterday and Risa asked what my “theme” was, and as I was just playing around with words a bit I didn’t have a good answer. While this is something I go through on longer pieces (you should see the notes for my Djinn novel I am working on at the moment), I hadn’t really thought to think that hard about it on 500 to 1000 word stories. Her question made me think and I’ve decided it might be a good exercise to include in these flash pieces.

The goal of The 505 is to improve my ability to write to a deadline and to build up those creative muscles that can quickly parse a potential story idea and come with a solid framework that all stories need to be successful. So, for the foreseeable future, I’ll add one or two sentences about the idea, the concept, and the premise for each story. I won’t fret over those bits for long periods of time, like I have for some of the longer work I’ve done lately, but I hope it’ll help improve my ability to quickly create a strong, viable scene quickly.

Also, after two weeks, I think I might tweak the name and the rules a bit but I’ll do that next week.

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