21 Moments Challenge

So, I signed up for Cristina Katz’s 21 Moments writing challenge, hoping it would be a good compliment to the stuff I am writing for The 505. Here is a snip from her website detailing 21 Moments:

One way to learn how to write short and tight is to have an objective to write something short and then do it over and over. Readers of Writer Mama and The Writer’s Workout know about my penchant writing short and tight. This is something that has been central to everything I teach writers. And so, this year, in the spirit of raising the quality bar for writers everywhere, I have created a unique, inexpensive writing challenge unlike anything I have done before. All for only 21 bucks.

I call it The 21 Moments Monthly Writing Challenge and here is how it works. You select a month that you wish to work with me. You register for the writing challenge for that month by paying by the last day of the month prior. On the first day of the month, you will receive a list of suggestions with various ways to make the most of your 21 writing days. And, for the first 21 days of that month, you will automatically receive 21 e-mails from me at 12:05 am each day. Each e-mail will contain an example moment to inspire you to write your moment-a-day to the best of your ability.

We’ll see how it goes. My intent is to post them all here for future reference, then I can link back from Christina’s site when the challenge is all said and done.

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