These pages are a collection of flotsam and jetsam with no real place to go in the sometimes rigid structure of a blog-ish website.  These are a collection of things I am either learning about the craft and process of writing, or posts and guides about things that I already do well as part of my academic training that I hope to share with others.  For now, writing is simple something I enjoy doing as a hobby that I can one day hope to turn into something more.



Day One – Right of Passage

After fourth period, it would be time for lunch, time to take another tentative step out of childhood, time to put the fear aside and embrace that right-of-passage that all young men must endure; I had to talk to the girl, to ask her out on a date, to figure out what one was supposed to do on a date.

The Gift of War

Jill sat at the sleek, white formica bar sipping her café au lait and mentally kicking herself for agreeing to meet with Michael. Again. I could just leave and go back to the hospital, she thought to herself, he wouldn’t even know I had been here.

The Open Road

“We need to get some food,” Julie said as she rolled down the dusty passenger window hoping to let some of the cool night air into the stuffy cab. She had already changed twice and now her last shirt, drenched with sweat, clung to her body.