Day Three – Lock Box

I stopped at my desk, tracing paper stacked and twisted in a monument to the process of learning how to be creative, and opened my lock-box, door standing ajar, lock laying closed and inside.

Day Two – The Express Route

When, four hours ago, at the bottom of a dormant cinder cone, our guide had casually mentioned the possibility of a cloud of poison gas wafting over us from the active cone, we’d all laughed. Standing atop the dormant cone, hearing Jorge’s alarm blaring over the deep, resonant rumbling of an erupting cone, a bright…

Day One – Right of Passage

After fourth period, it would be time for lunch, time to take another tentative step out of childhood, time to put the fear aside and embrace that right-of-passage that all young men must endure; I had to talk to the girl, to ask her out on a date, to figure out what one was supposed to do on a date.

21 Moments, September 2013

Your assignment is simply to write 21 of your moments within the span of one month. You can submit one polished moment from this challenge after the challenge ends.

21 Moments Challenge

So, I signed up for Cristina Katz’s 21 Moments writing challenge, hoping it would be a good compliment to the stuff I am writing for The 505. Here is a snip from her website detailing 21 Moments: One way to learn how to write short and tight is to have an objective to write something…