The King, Reborn

“Good! Everyone remember the first time they see Dinosaur Elvis. T-rex performin’ t’night. He do an amazin’ Heartbreak Hotel!” it said, waving us into the tent with its short arms.

“Watch for blood on the floor,” it said, with a deep, growling laugh.

Solipsist Days

“Please, John, don’t take your eyes off me,” she said, laying her hands gently on his cheeks.

He laughed lightly as a smile spread across his face, his brilliant teeth shining in the afternoon light.

Messenger In a Bottle

Castagere hunkered down behind the parapet of the ten-story walk-up as he watched the two shadowy figures slink into the back entrance of the nondescript Thai restaurant across the street. He grinned. The effort he’d put forth baiting these two-bit thieves with promises of an easy score had paid off. Tonight was the endgame; he was getting his life back.