21 Moments, September 2013

I’ve received my first email from Christina Katz as part her 21 Moments Writing Challenge, which is a short scene from author Amy Tan’s excellent book The Joy Luck Club.

From Christina:

Your assignment is simply to write 21 of your moments within the span of one month. You can submit one polished moment from this challenge after the challenge ends, beginning on the 22nd of this month until the second-to-last-day of the month.

Please wait until day 22 to submit your polished moment. Wait for me to send submission guidelines about how to handle your submission. Only submit one moment per round and do not submit any moments from work that was written outside this challenge. All moments submitted must have originated this month, while working on this challenge.

Moments that are selected will appear on a password-protected webpage on my site that can be accessed by future participants! They tell me that they find these excellent examples very inspiring. Yours might be next! And those who have their moments selected — three in each round — get the next level round free.

As she mentioned, there are multiple rounds after this one and I hope that participating in this round, and potentially future rounds, will be one factor in helping me become a more consistent writer. Onward!

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